Benefits of Kung Fu

Kung Fu teaches students not to rely only on strength to defend themselves, good physical health and endurance are essential to correctly master techniques too.

Our instructors use a combination of cardio-vascular exercises, muscle strengthening, stretching and conditioning to help their students achieve better physical fitness and flexibility. We also believe it is important to work upon the spiritual aspect of strengthening the Mind, such as resisting and controlling fatigue, which is also very relevant during combat.


Echauffement et Conditonnement


Our students can experience both physical and mental improvements from training. Many students lose weight, feel healthier and stronger as a result. Increasing one's self-esteem can also have a positive effect such as feeling more confident in the workplace, the ability to concentrate for longer and self-discipline outside of class. Students also find that the training environment helps them relieve stress.

Unlike other martial arts, we encourage our students to change training partners often in order to be prepared for situations involving persons of all sizes and abilities. This technique also creates a friendlier and more welcoming environment, with students getting to know one another quickly, and eventually make new friends.