Training gear

When you start to train, it is acceptable to wear a large t-shirt and trousers preferably in black or grey colours. If you decide to pursue your tuition with our club, you will need to purchase some essential equipment. The club's traditional uniform is mandatory if you wish to grade. Belts are provided. Sparring equipment is also mandatory if you are to take part in free-fighting.


Club equipment (official clothes)

The club sells the following equipment:

  • Traditional Uniform (Grey top with System logo and black trousers): 50€
  • Hoody tops (Black with System logo): 40€
  • T-shirts (Black with System logo): 18€


You can purchase any of this equipment as follows:

  1. Make a money transfer to the club's bank account with the message "Name + Items required"

    IBAN: BE65 7340 1788 5896 - BIC: KRED BE BB to the Nam Pai Chuan Belgium ASBL
  2. Contact us (you can use the contact page), stating your name, the items needed including the size for each item (110/120/130/140/150/160/170/180cm).
  3. Once you have completed these steps, we will provide you with your purchases at class.


Sparring equipment

In order to take part in sparring you will need the following:

  • Mouth-guard
  • Groin-guard
  • Helmet
  • Boxing gloves (10oz for men, 8oz for women)
  • Shin-guards and foot protection
  • Chest protection (for women)

Please make sure you have a mouth-guard and groin-guard to avoid missing out on important training exercises. Also, it is recommended for women to wear a chest protection during the training in order to be able to perform all exercises correctly and safely.

The club can provide body armour, but you are welcome to purchase your own.

You can purchase any of this equipment at the following stores: